Welcome Back Jaguars!

SHS Library Connection August 2011

Welcome Back Jaguars!



We hope that you are as excited about the 2011-2012 school year as we are. As our principal, Dr. Bolden has expressed this is a year of

High Expectations and we are here to support all of our school wide community in reaching new heights.

This year the

SHS Library Media Center will produce a monthly electronic newsletter/blog to keep you informed. ~Your team in the media center this year will consist of Mrs. Burnside, Ms. Mikkelsen and Mrs. Hill. Mrs. Hill comes to us from Allgood Elementary School and is “super” excited to join the Jaguar staff.

In this issue of our living newsletter we will cover ….


  • Don’t be a pirate…use available resources legally (Copyright)


  • There’s a resource for that…- let us help you make the most of the DCSS online resources (videos, databases, encyclopedia, library catalog etc) in your lesson planning.


  • Scholars in Training…Let us help you train our students for scholarly research. We are here to help…


  • Get your FREE TEXTBOOKS! Get your FREE TEXTBOOKS! Let us help you get your personal education resources for FREE…


  • SHS Library Media Center Events


  • You want it, we’ll buy it!You want it, we’ll buy it (If we can)

Don’t be a pirate… you have the right to access and use information without fear of retribution. (You just need to know where and how)

So… you have a great film or movie that you know will “totally” get the point across to your students. Maybe you watched an amazing special on

PBS or saw a spectacular selection of great interpretations of English Literature on Netflix or at your local Blockbuster. You have a poem, article, pamphlet that changed your life and you must share it with your students…


you vaguely remember a Librarian warning you of the

“evils” of using outside films, something about parent permissions forms and then there was the dreaded “Copyright Infringement” training. ~So what is a teacher to do?

The answer is… use

DESTINY (the Media Center collection), the LRC, Discovery Education (United Streaming), and BrainPop…these are GPS based, GA DOE and DCSS approved resources available to you free of charge. All faculty and staff will receive via FirstClass an LRC Client number as well as instructions on how to use the LRC by the end of August, 2011. If you do not receive an LRC client number, please call the media center or email anyone of the Media Center staff.


If you are interested in receiving training on how to use these resources, email or come by the media center and we will do our best to set-up a PLU friendly session.

*If for whatever reason you just

MUST use an outside source, please see this Fair Use and Copyright Teacher’s Guide website. ~Ultimately you are responsible for making sure that you adhere to copyright law. There have been a rash of copyright lawsuits of late so beware. Again feel free to come by the Media Center with any questions*

There’s a resource for that…


As you plan your research projects for your students, let us help you to make the most of the opportunity to train our students to do scholarly research.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to have our students enter college already familiar with how to use the reference materials, electronic databases and other materials they will find in the college environment?

We can start training our students as early as ninth grade. With a little planning, we can add resources that have been made available through DCSS and the GA DOE to meet these needs.

Also, we can take this opportunity train our students to properly cite their sources so that it becomes a natural part of the research and writing process. We will even give them a FirstClass orientation so that they can use this resource to communicate with you. Submit assignments and perhaps even build presentations and take part in discussion online. Not only will these activities put our students a step ahead of many college students, it will also give them the opportunity to learn how to use the internet and electronic resources responsibly.

Let us help you train our students for scholarly research. Click here to see a rough example of how we can help you. Please come by the Media Center or email Mrs. Burnside at LINDA_D_BURNSIDE@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us or Mrs. Hill at ifeude_u_hill@fc.dekalb.k12.ga.us~for more information.

Let us help you get your personal education resources for FREE…

If you are currently pursuing a degree or just looking for scholarly literature in your field, the

DCSS Professional Library is available to you. Before you purchase a book, check with the DCSS Professional Library. They may have some or all of what you need. And the best part is that these resources can be checked out via FirstClass and delivered directly to the Front Office. Literally front door service.

SHS Library Media Center Events (Events will be announced and more details shared closer to the actual program date. )

  • Read and Feed (to celebrate our Readers)


Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl


Character Counts

  • Orientations – ARE HAPPENING NOW.


  • Library Card Sign-up Month – September 2011:



  • Banned Books Week – September 24-October 1, 2011:



  • Teen Read Week – October 16-22, 2011:



  • Teen Tech Week – March 4-10, 2012:



  • Money Smart Week® – April 21-28, 2012:


You want it, we’ll buy it (If we can )

It is our goal to order new library materials as soon as possible. If you have books, resources (print or electronic) or videos that you feel are needed to support instruction and would benefit our students please, please let us know. We will take suggestions in person or via email.

Happy Reading !

About shslibraryconnection

Stephenson High School, located in historic Stone Mountain, opened in 1996. The campus consists of a beautiful five-acre facility, located on forty acres. With an enrollment of 2250, Stephenson High is the largest of DeKalb County School System’s twenty high schools. With a six-member administrative team, and a dedicated faculty of 134 professional educators, the bar continues to be raised to ensure a tradition of excellence for the students and alumni of Stephenson High school. Realizing that “It Takes a Village” to educate and support our students, our parents and business partners are an integral and invaluable resource, and their presence permeates the halls as they provide service and support for academic and extracurricular activities and events.
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